The Suddenlys of Jesus

It is easy to adopt a mindset that Jesus only appears to us in a certain way – through a specific passage of Scripture, through certain pastors, in a specific style of worship or living. Yet, Jesus showed Himself in a variety of ways.

The disciples were afraid when Jesus appeared to them on the Sea of Galilee. John’s account notes their fear appeared when they saw Him walking on the water (John 6:19). His manner was unexpected and it caused anxiety for the disciples. Why? Because this appearance of Jesus was suddenly different than the norm. It would be one of many “suddenlys” of Jesus.

The journey to Emmaus found two disciples lamenting over the Jesus’ death and their longing to see Him resurrected. Was it His glorified body they did not recognize? Or was this sudden appearance of Jesus more than they expected?

Breakfast on the beach in Luke 24 again demonstrated a “suddenly” of Jesus. He gave a command to toss in the nets. Peter then recognized this “suddenly” when the nets strained with the weight of fish.

How guilty are we of missing Jesus in “suddenly” experiences because it does not fit our expectation? Might He whisper to us, “Do not think you know me so well than you think or expect me to come the same way each time.”


Lana is the Morning Star Chaplain and Intercessor. She is the founder of Philippian Ministries, an emotionally healing prayer ministry. Lana has served with Women of Faith and in several other ministries as a chaplain and has a heart to passionately follow the Lord.