Guide Spotlight: David Tal

David Tal is a beloved guide by the guests who are privileged to have him on their tour. He shares many stories, personal experiences, and answers many questions from his groups. David brings a passion and love for the land, history, and the Lord.

Recently, we were able to talk with David and find out some interesting facts about him and the Land he calls home.

Name: David Tal

Languages Spoken: Hebrew/English (I consider myself classically bilingual)

Favorite Site: Masada. It is magnificent!

Years as a Guide: 6 years and counting

Favorite Region of Israel: Ein Gedi is one of my favorite spots in the desert.

A Place You Wish More People Visited: I enjoy taking people to the King David Citadel to give more of an overview historically and Biblically as a foundation for the remaining time in Jerusalem.

Advice for Travelers: Study and read the Bible before you come. It will add so much to your time. Read through the passages connected to the sites you will visit. Also, be fit. Start walking weeks ahead of time since you will be walking a lot during your time in Israel.

Fun Story: (He laughs) I once had a guest at the Garden Tomb ask, “Did they find the bones of Jesus in the tomb?” The pastor with the group just shook his head.

Abby Spencer