Give What You Have

“…Your servant will go and fight with this Philistine.”1 Samuel 17:32

David didn’t doubt for a┬ámoment what God could do – he immediately volunteered. David ran to meet the enemy, without a hint of hesitation.

It didn’t matter that David was uneducated or that his physical strength seemed lacking. He possessed neither army background nor understanding of military tactics. Yet David’s faith was not in himself, but in His God. He was still willing to volunteer even when it seemed as though he had little to offer. He believed the outcome was in God’s hands and that God would not fail him.

David gave God what he had and let God do the rest. Just like a little boy who once handed a few fish and loaves to Jesus, God will take whatever we have to show Himself mighty. We just need to give what we have!

Only then can He draw from us a simple greatness that He places within us and draws forth, just as He did for a young boy named David. Whether we are sharing with someone, or heading into the battle right before us, our God is calling us to allow His Spirit to infuse what He has already given with His might and power. Just stand back and watch. He can do amazing things with it…ask the boy with a slingshot.

Lord, please give us the courage of David, whose great belief was not in himself but in the God he loved and served. Make us brave and teach us to step out without hesitation to allow You to be mighty in us. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Lana is the Morning Star Chaplain and Intercessor. She is the founder of Philippian Ministries, an emotionally healing prayer ministry. Lana has served with Women of Faith and in several other ministries as a chaplain and has a heart to passionately follow the Lord.