Dreaming Big Enough

Several years ago, I met a gentleman who served on one of Walt Disney’s original advisory boards. What amazing stories he told! Those early days were tough; but that remarkable, creative visionary refused to give up. I especially appreciated the man sharing with me how Disney responded to disagreement. He said that Walt would occasionally present some unbelievable, extensive dream he was entertaining. Almost without exception, the members of his board would gulp, blink, and stare back at him in disbelief, resisting even the thought of such a thing. But unless every member resisted the idea, Disney usually didn’t pursue it. Yes, you read that correctly! The challenge wasn’t big enough to merit his time and creative energy unless they were unanimously in disagreement!

When I think about dreams, do I back down when faced with opposition or do I see it as a dream worth pursuing?

Is the disagreement Godly counsel and warning or an affront because of the difficulty of the dream?

Am I a visionary? Do I ask God for a bigger perspective and big dreams or have I limited Him to what I consider to small or attainable tasks?

What are your dreams? Where will your God-given creativity, talents, and gifts take you?

What an amazing impact your God-given dreams can have on the Kingdom.

– Lana


Lana is the Morning Star Chaplain and Intercessor. She is the founder of Philippian Ministries, an emotionally healing prayer ministry. Lana has served with Women of Faith and in several other ministries as a chaplain and has a heart to passionately follow the Lord.