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Earlier this month, Jodie and I spent ten days as pilgrims in Israel with Michael Easley and a group of others. It was an unforgettable experience. My first trip to “the land” changed my perspective on many things, but I wasn’t expecting a new appreciation for rocks to be among them.

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Guide Spotlight: David Tal

David Tal is a beloved guide by the guests who are privileged to have him on their tour. He shares many stories, personal experiences, and answers many questions from his groups. David brings a passion and love for the land, history, and the Lord.

Recently, we were able to talk with David and find out some interesting facts... Read More

Spring in Israel

Spring has come to Israel! It is a beautiful time of blossoming, beauty, and blessing.

Many may not associate these adjectives with a spring in the desert, yet the splendor of spring comes even to the desert.

Spring intitiates the beginning of dry season in Israel. After an incredibly sparse rainy season, Israel is in need of rain. With the current drought in California,... Read More